It Is No Secret

It is amazing to me to discover how many people really think they have “secret” sin in their lives. The notion of secret sin is so foreign to our Judeo-Christian concept of God that one wonders if we really do understand the God we worship. So many of us think that just because no one knows about our sin that it is secret. If I understand the omniscience of the Father, He knows everything about us. Nothing is secret from Him.

What is it in us that makes us continue to do what He has told us is sin? Is it that we do not fear Him? Have we gone so overboard on our teaching of a loving Father that we no longer fear His wrath? Or, is it that we do not believe He cares when we keep on sinning?
All of us, myself included, need to be aware that God is offended by our sin, particularly those of us who name His name. Not only is He offended, He is hurt. When Paul told us to “Grieve not the Spirit…”, He was telling us that God can be hurt and can be caused grief by His children. Is our relationship with God so poor that hurting Him makes no difference to us?

I feel disposed today to sharpen my relationship with the Father to the point that I no longer can tolerate things in my life that bring grief to Him. It is the least that I can do as a small, totally inadequate repayment for the grace He shared with me when He sent His Son to die for me.

I have decided in my later years that I want the remainder of my life to bring glory to the Father, and not live a life about which He would feel shame or grief. My prayer is for the strength to live up to that vow.

Today’s post is submitted by Ken Coffee, a member of the Executive Board of Christian Unity Ministries.
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