Welcome to the Party!

I am not a man of great vision. Never really have been. I do not live in the past, but I certainly do not live in the future either. God wired me to be a “here and now” kind of guy. So, the celebration that Five Principles of Unity has ushered in to churches around the world is a far cry from my humble intentions when I first compiled it.

As a church mediator, I am called by God to walk along side churches, denominational entities and Christian organizations to help them move through conflict in a way that honors the Lord. Not exactly a creative genius, I knew that the answers to every church’s problems must lie in God’s Word and not in any solutions I could dream up on my own (I learned this lesson the hard way, but that is perhaps another post). Like every good mediator, I needed some “homework” assignments I could leave with one party (or group) while I was working with the other party (or group). I needed some Bible studies. Not finding any that dealt particularly well with the topic of unity, I started writing them, just for this limited use.

After a while, I realized that they all seemed to be falling into “categories”, so I began organizing them that way. Originally, there were 7 categories. Then I decided that one was not a category at all and two others actually belonged together in one category. I called the categories principles. I did not write them…I just found them.

In writing Five Principles of Unity I did my best to stay faithful to God’s Word and to God’s calling on me. I have continued to revise them through the years. But more importantly, God has continued to bring lots and lots of Godly church leaders into my life to help me understand these principles even more clearly. That collaborative process of talking through these Biblical principles is what this blog (and the accompanying Facebook page) will reflect. There is a wonderful conversation happening among church leaders whose congregations have embraced these principles. It has become quite the party. So, believing it may help and encourage you, we decided to bring the party here.

If you are a church leader who has benefited in some way from these principles, we want to hear from you! If you are a church leader with challenges or struggles in the area of church unity or relationships in ministry, we want to hear from you too! If you have never heard of these principles or this ministry and have accidentally found your way here, we want to hear from you too! No matter who you are, this party is for you. You are invited! I pray that God will bless you for being here!

Welcome to the party!

About Blake

Christ follower. Husband/father. Church mediator. Author/speaker. Bible teacher. Practicing attorney.
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  1. Morton says:

    Absolutely love the fresh look. I loved this article. Thanks for this perfect write.

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