What God Can Do With The Willing

Put a judge, a city attorney, another lawyer, a physician’s wife, an Arizona architect, an educator and a retired preacher in a room together and what do you have? You have the Executive Board of this ministry dedicated to assisting churches through whatever conflict issues that may arrive. It is, in fact, the Executive Board of Christian Unity Ministries, a group God is using throughout the USA, as well as in The Ukraine, Romania, and South Africa.

The seven people described above not only do not receive remuneration for what they do in this ministry, they pay their own expenses to attend Executive Board meetings and to participate in training sessions with the ministry’s Advisory Committee, such as were held recently in New Braunfels. The ministry has announced a goal of enlisting 300 ambassadors over the next five years. These ambassadors will assist in the enlistment, training and utilization of Christians who can teach unity principles in their churches and their locale.

Focal point of the ministry are biblical principles from God’s Word as presented in a book written by the group’s Executive Director, Blake Coffee, called Five Principles Of Unity (available from Amazon.com). This book, now in its 4th printing, has been translated into Spanish, Russian, Lao and Japanese, although only the English and Spanish editions are available for general use in the USA. The others are available only internationally, because they have been given to congregations who use those languages.

Team members from the ministry have paid their own expenses to go assist churches in The Ukraine three times, Romania twice, and will make a fourth visit to South Africa in August of this year. In addition, the Five Principles Conference will be presented countless times in this country, as more and more churches and church leaders find ways to utilize the fruit of this ministry.

Christian Unity Ministries is busily creating a world-wide community of faith, utilizing Facebook. This is a place where interested people can communicate with one another, ask questions, get answers, share testimonies, etc. Both the Facebook community and this blog are administered by unpaid volunteers who simply want to help grow this ministry.

Christian Unity Ministries has discovered what God can do with the willing. God can take their willingness and bless churches all over the world. If you would like to become a part of this ministry, perhaps even join a team on one of the international mission trips, contact us.

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